We Define New Surroundings

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Our mission at Hilltop Concrete is to provide you with the highest level of dedication and integrity while at the same time supplying our customers with a cost efficient, high quality precast fencing system. 



Whether you’re looking to enclose a specific area; provide a safe, secure environment for a gated residential community, commercial, industrial or municipal property; or reduce noise from nearby traffic, Hilltop Concrete products are versatile, durable, efficient aesthetically pleasing and affordable.

Hilltop Concrete believes in the durability and quality of our products.  We provide a custom warranty with our fencing products. We are able to do this because all manufacturing and installation is done by the professionally trained employees and subcontractors of Hilltop Concrete.  

Headquartered in East Texas, Hilltop Concrete provides an excellent product and outstanding customer service to residential customers, architects, developers and general contractors.  We specialize in creating beautiful turnkey projects from inception to completion while delivering the highest standards in quality craftsmanship. We have the experience and knowledge to assist  you in achieving the perfect setting for your next project. We make our clients’ goals our priority!


OldBrick Precast Fence


Who We Help


Architects and engineers

Architects and engineers can rely on Hilltop Concrete to help draft accurate engineering estimates and to ensure that the exterior spaces and structures are as well designed as the building they complement, creating an integrated whole that is pleasing and practical.

We work with the architects and engineers throughout the entire specification and permitting process. We will assist our customers by providing product details, specifications, product samples, etc. We understand that the 'design/development' stage can be a lengthy and sometimes challenging process, so we are here to provide whatever assistance you may need. 



Developers have routinely utilized Hilltop Concrete's precast fence products on their residential and commercial projects because of the visual aesthetics they provide as well as the cost effectiveness of the systems.

We work closely with developers to fully understand the specifics of their projects and the overall vision they have of their projects. We then create a customized plan on how our system can add to the overall visual theme of the project.


general contractors

Being a full-turnkey precast fence company allows us to work directly with the general contractors for both product and installation aspects of our systems.  The convenience of a one-stop shop allows our general contracting customers to be assured that this scope of work will flow smoother than having to utilize a supplier and separate contractor.


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RanchRail Precast Fence