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Utility companies that operate electrical substations, oil and gas pumping sites, or water distribution stations routinely rely on Hilltop's precast concrete fences to safeguard and screen their sites. As a full-turnkey concrete fence company, we are able to provide the unique screening and security these job sites require. 


Use our precast concrete fence to screen your next utility site. 

Security is always a top concern for utility sites and a precast concrete fence provides superior security features that other fencing options cannot compete with. Over time, other fencing materials will succumb to damage and deterioration caused by natural elements; this damage and deterioration poses the risk of leaving your site exposed. With concrete fencing, you are able to provide the continuous security your site requires because our systems are manufactured with 5,000 psi strength concrete that is not impacted by natural elements, will not rot or warp over time, is not susceptible to termites or fungus, and will not require costly annual maintenance to maintain its integrity.

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A Proven full-turnkey Concrete fence company that can provide the experience of working on utility projects. 

In addition to undisputed strength is the ability to customize the height of your concrete fence to best secure your site. All of our systems can be installed at heights between 6’ and 12’ depending on your needs.  Additionally, a precast concrete fence can be easily outfitted with security cameras, alarms, gates, lights, or barbed wire to help aid in the deterrence of potential trespassers or vandals. This feature may offset other security costs, reducing the need for special security personnel or equipment to maintain reliable operations. The natural characteristics of concrete ensure your concrete fence is a permanent replacement for inferior fencing materials, such as wood or chain link, and help mitigate perimeter point of access vulnerabilities.

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Put the top-rated concrete fence company to work for you!

Our precast concrete fence systems are manufactured to meet the aesthetic demands of modern architecture without compromising the overall security of the site. A concrete fence system is never a boring statement piece because it provides a visual and robust security screen and sound barrier that wood, vinyl, chain link or wrought iron cannot afford. The ability to customize your concrete fence ensures the aesthetic appeal of your utility site is never an afterthought and Hilltop Concrete is able to provide a variety of textured patterns to choose from to match your desired look. After installation, we are able to color your concrete fence to achieve a variety of warm, rich tones that can replicate the look, texture, and complexity of natural wood, brick, or stone and allow your concrete fence to blend in or stand out from its surroundings. 

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Beauty and security with Hilltop Concrete!

When it comes to protecting your utility site, a precast concrete fence system is the best choice. While there are other fencing materials available for your utility site, precast concrete fencing is the best bet in terms of resilience, longevity, and appearance. Installing a precast concrete fence on your utility site is a wise investment because you are guaranteed an end product that will not only provide the security your utility site requires but will also look amazing for years to come. Why risk the security of your utility site when you can install a concrete fence system from Hilltop Concrete that will act as your first line of defense?

At Hilltop Concrete, specialize in safely securing all types of utility sites. We also understand our customers’ needs and not only do we meet their expectations, but we also go above and beyond to ensure that site security, as well as aesthetics, are the top priority! We also make sure all of our personnel understand the requirements for each project and that they are trained in our installation processes and safety requirements for each project so that installation is smooth and effortless.

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We are here to provide security and screening for your next utility project requirements!

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