A visual impact on your development project.

Whether you are needing a screening wall, sound wall, or visual enhancement to your development, a concrete fence offers a cost-effective solution to a traditional masonry wall.  


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If you are looking for a cost-efficient alternative for a masonry wall because you want to add an aesthetic dimension to your streetscape, or if you are meeting a local building code, our precast concrete fences are here to help.


More impact...less cost!

Hilltop Concrete appreciates that developers demand a lot from their fences. Our precast concrete fences not only provide a visual screen but also work as a reflective sound barrier. Additionally, all of our concrete fence systems are virtually maintenance-free, saving money and time down the road for the developer and the property owner. Our dedicated team is available to work closely with the developer and discuss all options to determine if our systems are a fit for their project. After discussing with the developer the project needs they are attempting to resolve, we craft a project-specific solution for them.

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enhance your next development with a concrete fence 


We understand that developers are faced with the growing problem of controlling noise pollution due to busy roadways, continuous construction, and city sirens. After all, their clients demand a peaceful living environment and finding a solution that meets the needs of all parties while also proving to be cost-effective is a top priority. Our precast concrete fences are a popular choice for developers because they are incredibly effective against noise pollution while staying within budget.

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Provide decorative screening and sound attenuation with one solution 


More than just an acoustically effective solution, our concrete fences also provide developers with an aesthetically pleasing feature that is durable and inexpensive when compared to similar fencing options. Because our styles are a significant and visually attractive landscape element, all of our styles have the ability to be customized to meet a project’s individual needs and will enhance the theme of the community that it surrounds. We have incorporated advanced technology in the production of our concrete molds to produce the same texture and design on both vertical faces of the concrete fence panel and post. This method allows highly defined textures and details that only meet the highest of your expectations. We are confident one of our products will complement the design of your new development!

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Why do developers continue to rely on Hilltop Concrete?

With over 20 years of experience specifically in the concrete fence industry, we are able to draw upon that experience to provide each project with a level of customer service that is #1 in our industry. We are able to craft a project-specific plan of action to provide our developers with an enhancement to their projects that is both beautiful and maintenance-free. 

Customer Service

We are the top rated concrete fence company on the market today!

Product Quality

Each component of our fence systems are precision manufactured with a 5,000 PSI compression strength. 


We handle everything from pre-construction drawings and specifications to product manuals and warranties. 

Full-Turnkey Service

We provide a complete full-turnkey concrete fence installation service to all our customers. 

We will provide your development with a visual enhancement that keeps your project in budget.

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