A Rail fence that will last...

Our RanchRail concrete fence system adds value and peace of mind to any project application. 


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RanchRail Precast Concrete Fence

The RanchRail product is manufactured to withstand the natural elements that deteriorate other rail fences.   


All the ambiance of wood with the strength of precast concrete. 

Good fences make good neighbors, and at Hilltop Concrete, our proprietary molds mean we can offer our customers a natural-looking wood-grain precast concrete fence alternative to the traditional wood rail fence. After all, what kind of Texas precast fence company would we be if we did not manufacture a rail fence system? Engineers, architects, landscape architects, developers, and homeowners love the ambiance that the RanchRail system adds to any project without the long-term maintenance that wood requires. 

Precast concrete rail fence system

Maintenance-free concrete rail fence system

Hilltop Concrete’s RanchRail precast concrete fence system is manufactured in two-rail, three-rail and four-rail configurations. Combined with our mitered posts, these configurations offer the superior craftsmanship our customers desire for their property. Our RanchRail concrete fence system can be used on a variety of properties, including parks, streetscapes and private properties, to border pathways or driveways, provide property division and clear boundary lines, are strong enough to secure livestock, or provide prestige to any property. The applications are truly limitless!

RanchRail concrete fence

And yes...this is concrete!

Due to the deep design of our molds, the RanchRail precast concrete fence system offers an authentic wood look that will withstand the test of time without the timely and costly maintenance that a traditional wood rail fence requires. Nothing ruins the structural integrity and appearance of a rail style fence more than splintering wood and warped rails. This never has to be a concern with our RanchRail system! Because it is made of precast concrete, it is impervious to the elements meaning our customers experience a superior rail system that is sturdier than a wood rail fence and does not require repainting, staining or replacement. Additionally, the RanchRail system is constructed with rebar reinforced 5,000 psi strength concrete ensuring your fence is as tough as it is beautiful. This system will look as good as the day it was installed years down the line!

precast concrete 2-rail fence

RanchRail Gallery

We have always heard that 'a picture is worth a thousand words'... Well, that is especially applicable to concrete fences. 


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Benefits of Concrete Fences:

  • Engineered to withstand all natural elements
  • Maintenace-free option to traditional wooden fences
  • It is a simple installation process that requires no heavy equipment
  • In the event the system needs to be repaired, it is an easy and quick repair process
  • Our precast fence systems are easily adaptable to any jobsite applications

concrete rail fence

Key Attributes: 

  • Truly unique aesthetics that resembles all facets of wood fences
  • Unlimited coloring options to complement any project application
  • An expedited installation process that minimizes the time required on any jobsite
  • Manufacturing of all components to a minimum of 5,000 PSI
  • All concrete fence components are manufactured with steel reinforcement and a fiber mesh secondary reinforcement 

precast concrete fence front yard

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