A Concrete Fence For Any Application

The StackedStone precast fence system provides an unsurpassed quality to any site improvement project. 


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StackedStone Precast Concrete Fence

Our StackedStone product offers the complete textural appearance of a stone masonry wall.


The Warmth of Stone With The Structure of Precast Concrete

This precast concrete fence system replicates the look and feel of a hand-laid stone masonry wall, offering a warm aesthetic that blends in with the existing environment, at a fraction of the cost. The StackedStone system is commonly configured as a 6’ high wall or 8’ high wall but is highly customizable to ensure your satisfaction and provide the desired aesthetics you want for your project. To finish your project, the StackedStone precast fence system can be painted to match any existing element on your property. Additionally, our StackedStone system is textured on both sides to provide a uniform appearance no matter what side of the fence you are on.

Precast concrete fence Texas

A Proven Precast Screen Wall

As our most popular system, the StackedStone precast concrete fence system can be used to clearly mark boundaries, provide security, control access, provide containment options, provide visual screening or be used as a sound barrier. This concrete fence has been utilized on a wide range of projects from DOT projects to DoD security walls to multi-family screening walls and even personal residential fences. Like all our systems, the StackedStone precast concrete fence system can be installed quickly and easily. The installation process is much faster with a precast concrete fence because we manufacture each component in a controlled environment before it arrives at the site. This keeps the system a cost-effective solution to all other products on the market and provides undisputed control on a jobsite.

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Authentic Stone Aesthetics

Our precast concrete fences also provide superior strength and durability over other fencing options. All components of the StackedStone precast fence system are manufactured with 5,000 psi concrete and because the system is made of concrete, it is not susceptible to weather, insects, or deterioration. This ensures the StackedStone system is virtually maintenance-free and saves the property owner time and money over the lifetime of the system because there is no need for costly annual maintenance.

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StackedStone Gallery

We have always heard that 'a picture is worth a thousand words'... Well, that is especially applicable to concrete fences. 


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Benefits of Concrete Fences:

  • It is a cost-effective solution to any traditional masonry wall application
  • It is a simple installation process that requires no heavy equipment
  • In the event the system needs to be repaired, it is an easy and quick repair process
  • All of our concrete fences provide excellent reflective sound barrier attributes 
  • Our precast fence systems are easily adaptable to any jobsite application

StackedStone concrete fence water tank project

Key Attributes: 

  • The same aesthetic appearance of stacked stone on both sides. 
  • Unlimited coloring options to complement any project application
  • An expedited installation process that minimizes the time required on any jobsite
  • Manufacturing of all components to a minimum of 5,000 PSI
  • All concrete fence components are manufactured with steel reinforcement and a fiber mesh secondary reinforcement 

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