Yes...This Is A Concrete Fence!!

Our WoodCast system offers the classic appearance of shiplap with the structural integrity of concrete.


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Precast Concrete Fence DFW

WoodCast Precast Concrete Fence

The timeless appearance of shiplap wood with all the strength and benefits of concrete


The comfort of wood with the tenacity of precast concrete

Style is everything and the times are changing when it comes to designing your fence. Horizontal fencing, also referred to as shiplap fencing, is quickly replacing the vertical and picket style fencing of years past. And for good reason! Shiplap fencing is a beautiful fencing option for any project. It is elegant and offers a prestigious feature to any project while also offering superior privacy, security and containment of other fencing options. However, a wooden shiplap fence can be costly, labor-intensive to install and requires costly annual maintenance.

Concrete Fence Contractor Texas

A Concrete Fence for any application 

Fortunately, Hilltop Concrete’s WoodCast precast concrete fence system provides our customers with the classic appearance of shiplap wood with all of the strength and benefits of precast concrete. The WoodCast concrete fence is a superior alternative to wooden fences and will significantly outlast a wooden fence because it provides superior benefits that you can only get from a precast concrete fence system. The WoodCast system is quick and easy to install, is not susceptible to natural elements, termites, rot, fungus, warping, burning, or fading and requires no maintenance. The WoodCast system will look newer for longer and will remain as beautiful as the day it was installed years down the line!

concrete fence at electrical substation

Genuine Wooden Appearance

Each one of the components of our WoodCast precast concrete fence system is precision-engineered and manufactured with 5,000 psi strength concrete right here in Texas! Our WoodCast concrete fences are manufactured in our proprietary molding technology to emulate shiplap with rich crafted wood designs and beautiful details, including wood knots and mitered tops, so that our customers can achieve the design element they are looking for. It is also rebar and fiber-reinforced to guarantee the quality and durability you can expect from all of Hilltop Concrete’s products. The applications for the WoodCast precast fence system is only limited by your imagination!

precast concrete fence system

WoodCast Gallery

We have always heard that 'a picture is worth a thousand words'... Well, that is especially applicable to concrete fences. 


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Benefits of Concrete Fences:

  • No more maintenance required for the look of a wooden fence
  • It is a simple installation process that requires no heavy equipment
  • In the event the system needs to be repaired, it is an easy and quick repair process
  • All of our concrete fences provide excellent reflective sound barrier attributes 
  • Our precast fence systems are easily adaptable to any jobsite applications

WoodCast Precast Concrete Fence

Key Attributes: 

  • The same shiplap wooden appearance on both sides. 
  • Visual details of wood all the way down to knots in the 'wood' and mitered post tops
  • Unlimited coloring options to complement any project application
  • An expedited installation process that minimizes the time required on any jobsite
  • Manufacturing of all components to a minimum of 5,000 PSI
  • All concrete fence components are manufactured with steel reinforcement and a fiber mesh secondary reinforcement 

precast concrete screening wall wood texture

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