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Whether you are building a multifamily development, a commercial strip mall, a utility substation, or a public works expansion, please let us know how we can assist you on your project.


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We know our way around a busy construction site and we understand the unique challenges that can arise on a construction site. Control may seem like a concept that does not belong in the construction industry, however, by utilizing a precast concrete screening wall system on a project enables a general contractor to have more control over their jobsite and project schedule. By using offsite precast production, products are manufactured in a controlled environment that requires less onsite labor and lessens the impact on a jobsite. Through our professionalism, time management, and quality installation, we’ve built trust and confidence with our general contractors and proven that we can meet their demanding standards.

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adaptable to any jobsite requirements


One of the benefits of our precast fence systems is its ability to be constructed quickly and efficiently. This is vital on any project site as time is ultimately money. Our panel and post concrete fence system allows for an expedited installation process and because all of our precast concrete components are manufactured in a controlled environment, our installation process is not as weather dependent as other jobsite materials. This means it is accommodating to almost any jobsite condition! The combination of this efficiency and the resulting cost savings makes our precast concrete fence systems an attractive option for almost any project.

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Our team takes immense and honest provide in providing top tier results to keep your site on-schedule. 


As a premier concrete fence contractor, Hilltop Concrete takes great pride in providing our general contractors with full turnkey services that will allow this scope of work to stay on schedule and operate in a more efficient manner. However, if you have a contractor already lined up for this scope of work, we can also provide you with our precast concrete screening wall product that will be shipped to your site along with step-by-step installation guidelines that enable any qualified contractor to have a successful installation. If needed, we are also available to answer any questions along the way.

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Why do general contractors keep coming back to subcontract with hilltop concrete?

With over 20 years of experience specifically in the concrete fence industry, our entire team is 100% dedicated to providing you with a simple and efficient concrete fence process. As a manufacturer and installer, we are able to control more aspects of this scope of work and keep your job site moving more efficiently than ever before. 

Hilltop Concrete and their team completed our urgent project in a timely manner with professionalism. Communication was great and the crew did a wonderful job. We would recommend Hilltop Concrete!
John Gavurnik
Kibo Contractors
Bought a precast concrete fence from Hilltop Concrete to be delivered in New Orleans 1,200 ft long the whole transaction was done on the phone, I was amazed how timely it was delivered and how easy it was to put it together.
Maurice Kahn
Louisiana Contractors
They performed the work with great perfection. I would hire them again any time!
Lucky Mfoniso
Elm Construction
Great company and folks! Recently did a 2000' precast screenwall project for us and though we had some delays here and there due to issues beyond our control everything went great. Chris is a great guy and we highly recommend Hilltop!
Shane Davis
5D Construction

Customer Service

We are the top rated concrete fence company on the market today!

Product Quality

Each component of our precast fence systems are precision manufactured with a 5,000 PSI compression strength. 


We handle everything from pre-construction drawings and specifications to product manuals and warranties. 

Full-Turnkey Service

We provide a complete full-turnkey concrete fence installation service to all our customers. 


Nearly 25 years of experience in the concrete fence industry.

Value Engineering 

With adaptable concrete fence systems, we are able to offer unique value engineering to any project.  

Jobsite Safety

Our installation crews take all necessary precautions to ensure that every step of the installation is done safely and efficiently.  

Why Hilltop Concrete? top-quality products, highest customer ratings, full-turnkey service

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