The Classic Look of Brick

The warmth and charm of brick with the long-lasting benefits of concrete. 


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precast concrete fence brick pattern

OldBrick Precast Concrete Fence

The beauty of American brick and the superior benefits of concrete!


A Precast Fence Solution to Brick

Masonry walls are a popular choice for many outdoor wall projects but are costly to install and maintain. Hilltop Concrete’s OldBrick concrete fence is a perfect way to replicate the timeless look of brick that we have come to know and love but come with superior benefits at a fraction of the cost. Our OldBrick style not only emulates the classic appearance of brick but also integrates with existing brick structures proving to be a complementary product to any landscape. The concrete fence can also be painted or stained to match any environment and has a durable and maintenance-free design, giving you a product that will last a lifetime.

OldBrick Concrete Fence Dallas

The Reliable Alternative to Brick

The OldBrick concrete fence also has the added benefit of low-cost installation and all the typical benefits that come with precast concrete products. A traditional masonry wall requires individual bricks to be placed one at a time resulting in a long and labor-intensive installation process. Masonry walls also require time for the product to set and cure which slows progress on a jobsite. With the precast components, the waiting time is over before the product even arrives on site for installation. This benefit, along with the speed and ease of installation, means that we are able to minimize the overall cost associated with the product.

OldBrick Concrete Fence Allen, TX

Warmth of Brick and the Strength of Concrete

Masonry features rely on the mortar they are set with for their structure and stability. Over time, this mortar will crack and deteriorate. The cracks in mortar allow for moisture to begin penetrating the structure and will eventually lead to damage and decline of the structural stability of a masonry wall. With Hilltop Concrete’s OldBrick concrete fence, cracking and deterioration are not a problem because our fences are made of 5,000 psi strength concrete that is not impervious to water or susceptible to other elements. This means your OldBrick concrete fence will not require costly maintenance in order to maintain its original beauty and structure!

Precast Concrete Screening Wall OldBrick

OldBrick Gallery

We have always heard that 'a picture is worth a thousand words'... Well, that is especially applicable to concrete fences. 


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benefits of concrete fences: 

  • It is a cost-effective solution to any traditional masonry wall application
  • It is a simple installation process that requires no heavy equipment
  • In the event the system needs to be repaired, it is an easy and quick repair process
  • All of our concrete fences provide excellent reflective sound barrier attributes 
  • Our precast fence systems are easily adaptable to any jobsite application


OdBrick Precast Fence


  • The same aesthetic appearance of masonry brick on both sides. 
  • Modular concrete fence brick panels that are mortar free
  • Unlimited coloring options to complement any project application
  • An expedited installation process that minimizes the time required on any jobsite
  • Manufacturing of all components to a minimum of 5,000 PSI
  • All concrete fence components are manufactured with steel reinforcement and a fiber mesh secondary reinforcement 
OldBrick Precast Fence Fort Worth TX

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