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Our company

Not Just Another Fence Company.

As a premier precast concrete fence contractor and manufacturer, we take immense pride in the level of customer service we can supply to our clients. From our highly qualified foremen and installation crews to our top-notch product quality to our communication methods, we are continually adjusting and making improvements to our time-tested methods to make sure we are bringing the absolute best to each of our projects.

Located in East Texas, we provide a full turnkey service to all our customers throughout the country. With over 23 years of experience in the concrete fence industry, there is not much that we have not seen and we put every ounce of our experience to work for our customers.

At Hilltop Concrete, we hold true to our core values and beliefs and all decisions in this company are made in accordance with those expectations in mind. We are a family-oriented company that believes in community and integrity while providing our customers with the utmost service and product quality.

We are PROUD of who we are!

Hilltop Concrete Office

Our Customers

It is our customers that continue to give Hilltop the highest rates of any concrete fence company on the market today. 

We have worked extremely hard to validate our customer's decisions in opting to work with Hilltop Concrete. Customer service is not just something we add to a piece of marketing material, it is at the core of our company and it is involved in EVERY decision that we make. We want our concrete fence scope of work to go more smoothly and more effectively than you had imagined.  We are here to provide a level of service that honestly people seldom expect any more and even less seldom do they actually receive it. Customer service used to mean something in this wonderful country of ours, and it still does at Hilltop Concrete!

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Our Partners

We can't do our job for you the right way without the right partners.

Our company reinvests in the company to save our precast concrete fence customers both time and money. We have wonderful relationships with our vendors. As we continue to grow and be a leader in this industry our key vendor relationships have been essential in how we are able to service our customers that have come to expect and rely on Hilltop Concrete for all their concrete fence needs. These relationships have proven to be fundamental in providing both cost-effective and the highest quality solutions for our precast concrete fence projects. You can rest assured that you will enjoy your concrete fence for years to come because we have visited with and hand-selected each vendor with the highest quality in mind.


texast concrete fence contractor
I have worked with many trades in my lifetime. Been in business for myself for 20 years. These are the best guys I have had the pleasure to work around. They took the time to give me a hand even though they were running behind on their own job. Great bunch of professional guys.
Junior Savell
Savell Contracting
Everyone we've had the pleasure of working with at Hilltop has been extremely helpful and timely. They deliver beyond expectations, they have aesthetic products, and the caliber of knowledge and workmanship is unbeatable. Thank you all for everything, every time.
Dakrin Dow
Dow Fenceand Supply
We a General Contractor, and Hilltop built our organization a 615ft long, 6ft tall precast concrete fence. Completed the fence in significantly less time than expected. The crew was professional and cleaned up the site. Quality-looking fence. Chris and Jenifer were both highly professional and very responsive. We will work with them again in the future.
Josh Hogue
JSP Construction
We had a car run into our StackedStone fencing. I contacted Jeni and she responded to my needs immediately and had the crew out the next day. They were finished within 2 days and cleared all the debris from the accident as well. The wall looks wonderful and looks original like nothing happened! Thanks Jeni & Hilltop Concrete.
Vesita Cormier
Merritt Manor, Ltd.

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