Q: What does “precast” mean?

A: Precast means that the concrete is poured into a reusable mold in a factory in a controlled environment. It is then cured, the molds are removed, and then the product can be shipped to the site. Unlike concrete that is poured on site, precast concrete does not have the risk of improper curing. All precast concrete fence products used by Hilltop Concrete are precision manufactured in Texas and shipped to each jobsite as needed.

Q: Can you ship product outside of Texas?

A: Yes. Hilltop Concrete ships our products nationwide to a number of clients.

Q: What are precast concrete fences used for?

A: Our precast fence systems have been utilized on a multitude of projects. They have been used on public works projects ranging from substation enclosures to highway sound barriers. They have been used by commercial developers to meet local screening wall codes to multi-family developments Our precast fences have been used by residential developers for planned community projects. And our systems have been used for personal residences as well.

Q: Why should I work with Hilltop Concrete?

A: Our dedicated team has over 40+ years of experience specifically in the precast fence industry. This is not an ‘add-on’ product for us or something we do to fill in the time, this is what we do. Our team is here to ensure that your precast fence project goes as smoothly as it possibly can.

Q: Can I purchase the products and install myself?

A: While we provide a full turnkey service to our Texas customers, you can certainly purchase the product and install yourself. ‘DIYers’ have been doing this for a long time. We will supply you with detailed step-by-step guidelines and our project managers are available to answer questions as well.

Q: How easy are precast fences to install?

A: Because the components are precast, installation is faster and easier than dealing with site poured concrete. This means delivery of a product that is ready to be assembled resulting in the need for less onsite labor and provides for a more controlled and efficient construction site.

Q: Can the fence be repaired if damaged?

A: Absolutely. Although precast concrete fences are extremely durable, accidents do happen. Since our fences are modular, repairs only have to be made to the damaged section, saving time, money and resources.

Q: Is there a pattern only on one side?

A: No, the system is manufactured in our proprietary molding systems that the same pattern to both sides of the systems.

Q: What type of maintenance is required?

A: Precast concrete fences are virtually maintenance free! Being made from concrete means that you never have to worry about the impact of the elements that may cause another material to fade, warp or require replacement.

Q: Wouldn’t a fence made of concrete be an eye-sore?

A: Boring gray concrete is a thing of the past. Hilltop Concrete has a variety of patterns available, including StackedStone, OldBrick, ChiselStone and RanchRail to accomplish your project goals. Once installed, the fence can be painted any color to suit your needs. Our panels are also finished on both sides, meaning both sides of your fence will look great.

Q: How long will a precast concrete fence last?

A: Precast concrete fences can withstand the test of time! A precast concrete fence can offer 30+ maintenance-free years and will still look as good as the day it was installed!

Q: How much does a precast concrete fence cost?

A: There are a variety of factors that contribute to the cost of manufacturing and installing a precast concrete fence. Cost of material, labor and geographic location all contribute to the cost of a precast concrete fence. Contact Hilltop Concrete today for a project-specific cost estimate.