enhance your public works project with a concrete fence 


Hilltop Concrete provides the highest rated full-turnkey concrete fence service on the market today. 


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Whether the concrete fence is needed for projet site enhancement, visual screening, sound barrier, or security wall, Hilltop Concrete offers a variety of designs with realistic textures to create a picturesque addition to any public improvement project. 


Precast concrete fences will provide permanent security to your project.  


If you are looking for an attractive product that will provide an undisputed level of security to your public works enhancement project, then look no further! As a concrete fence contractor and manufacturer with over 20 years of experience, we are able to understand the special challenges that come with working on publicly funded projects and our team is here to put that experience to work for you. From our experienced foremen to our communicative office staff, we work tirelessly to ensure our scope of work flows as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Concrete Fence Public Works Water Storage

A long-term, maintenance-free screening wall option crafted for your specific project. 


Since our concrete fence systems are made of concrete, you never have to worry about whether you have a quality strength product on your project. We manufacture our precast fence systems to a specified 5,000 psi strength at 28 days and each component, including our concrete fence panels and posts, contains rebar to provide additional strength that other fencing options cannot provide. The natural characteristics of concrete also ensures that your security will never be compromised due to weather, rotting, or insects. In addition to being the longest-lasting fencing available, our precast concrete fence systems are also the most cost-efficient and maintenance-free option on the market.

concrete rail fence at school

enhance our concrete fence systems to provide additional security where needed


Our precast concrete fence systems are versatile and can be used across a variety of projects. Because of the ability to customize our precast concrete fence systems, you can rest assured that our systems can be used for any purpose and will meet your desired aesthetics. The system can also be specially manufactured to accommodate barbed wire and other security measures ensuring that your infrastructure is properly secured. From park rail fences to police station security walls to highway sound barriers, our precast fence systems have been utilized on almost every kind of public works project and have been proven successful options again and again.

precast concrete security wall

Why do Public Works projects continue to utilize hilltop concrete?

With over 20 years of experience specifically in the concrete fence industry, the Hilltop Concrete team is here to assist you on your next public works site improvement project. Whether you need to provide screening, sound reduction or security a precast concrete fence can fit your project needs. 

Hilltop Concrete and their team completed our urgent project in a timely manner with professionalism. Communication was great and the crew did a wonderful job. We would recommend Hilltop Concrete!
John Gavurnik
Kibo Contractors
Bought a precast concrete fence from Hilltop Concrete to be delivered in New Orleans 1,200 ft long the whole transaction was done on the phone, I was amazed how timely it was delivered and how easy it was to put it together.
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Maurice Kahn
Louisiana Contractors
They performed the work with great perfection. I would hire them again any time!
man avatar 2
Lucky Mfoniso
Elm Construction
Great company and folks! Recently did a 2000' precast screenwall project for us and though we had some delays here and there due to issues beyond our control everything went great. Chris is a great guy and we highly recommend Hilltop!
man avatar 3
Shane Davis
5D Construction

Customer Service

We are the top rated concrete fence company on the market today!

Product Quality

Each component of our precast fence systems are precision manufactured with a 5,000 PSI compression strength. 


Our precast concrete fence systems will provide your project with a maintenance-free option that is cost-effective. 

Full-Turnkey Service

We provide a complete full-turnkey concrete fence installation service to all our customers. 


Nearly 25 years of experience in the concrete fence industry.

Value Engineering 

With adaptable concrete fence systems, we are able to offer unique value engineering to any project.  


Each of our concrete fence systems is full warranted for 10 years. 

Why Hilltop Concrete? top-quality products, highest customer ratings, full-turnkey service

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