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Below are some of our favorite precast concrete fence projects. 



This concrete fence pattern offers our clients the aesthetics of a traditional hand-laid stone wall with all the benefits of precast concrete. 



This precast fence pattern enables our customers to have the look of a chiseled slate wall with the strength of concrete



The timeless appearance of shiplap wood with all the benefits of preacst concrete. 



The charm and beauty of brick, plus the strength of concrete. 



Finally, a rail fence that will last the test of time...

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Our Concrete Fences in Houston

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Value of a Concrete Fence

Value of a Concrete Fence:

Can a concrete fence improve the aesthetics of your property? It absolutely can, when...

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Product Highlight: OldBrick

Product Highlight: OldBrick

Hilltop Concrete has a variety of products that you are sure to enjoy. Today we are...