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Residential developments are on the rise with new developments are appearing all over the nation. Over the last 10 years, construction spending for residential developments has grown, leaving developers looking for options that will help aid in the reduction of spending while meeting the many demands they must meet. Whether developers are looking for a cost-efficient alternative to hand-laid stone walls to add an aesthetic dimension to their streetscape or looking for ways to satisfy local code requirements, Hilltop Concrete's precast concrete fence systems are able to provide the perfect solution to meet the project’s fencing needs.


Our concrete fences provide a visual impact to any development. 

Developers are constantly faced with making decisions on how to satisfy the needs of their property while meeting the demands placed upon them by cities to provide adequate security around their properties for their future residents. Our precast concrete fencing options provide security that is second to none and offers a sense of security that you just do not get from other fencing options. In addition to security, developers struggle to control noise pollution due to busy roadways, continuous construction, and city sirens. After all, their clients demand a peaceful living experience and we are excited to help developers secure that peace while staying within budget.  

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We provide screening and sound qualities to your development project while keeping it cost-effective. 

Developers must also consider the privacy needs of their adjoining neighbors. We offer a variety of patterns that are sure to please the neighbors that residential developments often share a property line with and have incorporated advanced technology into the production of our concrete molds to produce the same texture on both vertical faces of our concrete components. Because our systems can be configured in various heights, adjoining neighbors are also afforded the ability to maintain the privacy they desire in their own backyards and you are able to beautifully secure your development. 

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With the highest customer-service ratings in the concrete fence industry, we are here to make sure your project goes smoothly. 

Developers also need to consider the future needs of the property owner and grounds management. Other fencing options are susceptible to natural elements and require timely and costly maintenance throughout the years. With a precast concrete fence, developers can reduce the future costs for owners and their grounds crews because our systems are not impacted by natural elements, meaning they will not rot or warp over time, are not susceptible to termites or fungus and will not require costly annual maintenance. Our precast concrete fencing systems will provide a long-lasting and durable option that will look as good as the day it was installed years down the line. This is a win-win for developers and owners!  

ChiselStone Precast Fence  DFW

along with our Custom-designed concrete fences, you can add various enhancements to provide your project with additional visual elements. 

Our dedicated team is available to work closely with developers and discuss all aspects of the project to determine if our precast concrete fence systems are a fit for their project. After discussing all details and the project's specific needs with the developer, we are able to craft an individual solution tailored to their project. We are confident one of our precast concrete products will complement the design of your new development!

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Choose the right concrete fence company! 


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