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Clear Creek Ranch - Round Rock, TX (13)

Clear Creek Ranch - Round Rock, TX.


Clear Creek Ranch in Round Rock, TX needed a concrete fence to provide an attractive barrier for noise and sound. While we enjoyed working with C.C. Carlton Industries, this job presented some very unique challenges. This project involved the construction of a concrete fence between the new residential development and an existing wedding venue. Due to the construction, many natural features that were idyllic for the wedding venue were being removed. As a means to appease the venue, the developers installed a 12-ft StackedStone concrete fence to provide privacy for events and a visually pleasing backdrop. However, the most challenging aspect of this project was the rocky soil native to Round Rock, TX. A third-party company was hired to drill the piers due to the depth and the amount of rock that was encountered less than 12" from the surface. Hilltop Concrete's expertise and unparalleled service are what allowed us to install not only this fence but many others. No matter what situation you are facing, Hilltop Concrete is confident that our concrete fences can meet your needs!


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