Featured Project Amazon Warehouse

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Amazon Warehouse - Forney, TX

One of our Featured Projects is Amazon in Forney, TX! We enjoyed working with Catamount Constructors, Inc. to secure the new Amazon distribution facility. Amazon wants to be a ‘good neighbor’ and in that thought process desired to provide a solution that could not only help secure and screen their site but would reduce the noise generated by the predicted heavy traffic. Our StackedStone textured panels help to keep the noise at bay by causing the sound to scatter once it reaches the panels of the wall. Even at 12 feet tall, our fences remain structurally sound because the systems are engineered with deeper footers and additional rebar support cages where needed. Hilltop Concrete’s fence components are also cast with 5,000 PSI concrete and have rebar reinforcement in each piece. Our fence systems have the structural integrity needed to last a lifetime and remain an attractive feature on any property! You trust Amazon to get you your packages and Hilltop Concrete is entrusted to help secure them before they arrive. Hilltop Concrete is honored to have had the opportunity to work on this precast concrete fence project for Amazon Distribution project in Forney.


Featured Project Amazon Warehouse



Amazon Warehouse

Hilltop Concrete's Featured Project Amazon in Forney, TX includes a 12-ft StackedStone concrete fence utilizing antigraffiti paint and a concrete footer for over 2000 feet! This was a massive undertaking but our crew, with over 20 years of experience, installed it quickly and efficiently. 




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