As a premier precast concrete fence contractor and manufacturer, we take immense pride in the level of customer service we can supply to our clients. From our highly qualified foremen and installation crews to our top-notch product quality to our communication methods, we are continually adjusting and making improvements to our time tested methods to make sure we are bringing the absolute best to each of our projects.

With offices in East Texas and DFW, we provide a full-turnkey service to all our customers throughout the country. With over 23 years of experience in the concrete fence industry, there is not much that we have not seen and we put every ounce of our experience to work for our customers.

At Hilltop Concrete, we hold true to our core values and beliefs and all decisions in this company are made in accordance with those expectations in mind. We are a family-oriented company that believes in community and integrity while providing our customers with the utmost service and product quality.


Our customers matter! As a precast concrete fence contractor and manufacturer, we are with our customers on the ground level, making it possible for their projects to thrive. Our emphasis is on our relationship with them and how we can innovate a project-specific solution to their current challenges. We create a specific and thoughtful approach to meeting their needs in a way they did not think is possible. Our approach is about creating a long-term partnership that mutually enjoyable and beneficial for us and them.


We are truly a family at Hilltop Concrete. We work hard together and play together. We laugh together and we cry together. We have a high employee retention rate and are proud and honored to invest in the continuous improvement and education of our precast concrete fence team. Our employees have been highly trained to provide our customers with accurate answers about our concrete fence products and systems. Even at 20+ years in the precast concrete fence industry, we still are learning and do not know all the answers. But rest assured, we will find out and get back to you in a timely manner.


Our company reinvests in the company to save our precast concrete fence customers both time and money. We have wonderful relationships with our vendors. As we continue to grow in this industry our key vendor relationships have been essential in how we are able to service our customers that have come to expect and rely on Hilltop Concrete for all their concrete fence needs. These relationships have proven to be fundamental in providing both cost-effective and the highest quality solutions for our precast concrete fence projects. You can rest assured that you will enjoy your concrete fence for years to come because we have visited with and hand-selected each vendor with the high quality in mind.