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Waco Texas

Home to Baylor University, the birthplace of Dr. Pepper, and home to some of the world’s sweetest creations, such as Snickers, Skittles, and Starburst, Waco, TX is situated on I-35 between Dallas and Austin. With an estimated annual growth rate of 1.2%, Waco is brimming with economic opportunity and provides big city advantages without the big city hassles. In recent years, Waco has experienced significant growth and the City of Waco is taking important steps to foster economic growth in the city and surrounding areas to become an increasingly attractive destination for new businesses and potential residents. With the expected growth, Hilltop Concrete is proud to offer its precast concrete fence and concrete fencing services to the developers and residents of Waco!


Who is Hilltop Concrete? 

  • The highest-rated concrete fence company on today's market

  • One of Texas's premiere full-turnkey concrete fence companies

  • Your solutions-based precast concrete fence contractor with over 22 years of experience in our specific industry

  • A locally-owned, family-oriented company that values customer service above all else

  • Bottom line, we are the precast concrete fence company that will save you time, money, and heartache on your next project!

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What Is Fort Worth Saying About Us?

The Hilltop team executed our project with total professionalism. Their communication and responsiveness was especially superior throughout all facets of what was a fairly complicated installation environment. Strongly recommend.
Barrett Breedlove
Martin Marietta
We a General Contractor, and Hilltop built our organization a 615ft long, 6ft tall precast concrete fence. Completed the fence in significantly less time than expected. The crew was professional and cleaned up the site. Quality-looking fence. Chris and Jenifer were both highly professional and very responsive. We will work with them again in the future.
Josh Hogue
JSP Construction
Everyone we've had the pleasure of working with at Hilltop has been extremely helpful and timely. They deliver beyond expectations, they have aesthetic products, and the caliber of knowledge and workmanship is unbeatable. Thank you all for everything, every time!
Darkin Dow
Dow Fence and Pipe


Hilltop Concrete is pleased to provide our customers with a variety of precast fence textures to give any project a unique look and feel. Each one of our concrete fence components offers our clients the rich and warm aesthetics of natural earth tone elements. The precise manufacturing of our precast components enables our customers to have the best of both worlds; structure and aesthetics. 



Hilltop Concrete is the highest-rated concrete fence company on the market today! And we got there by helping each and every customer that we can. We are here to assist you with your next precast concrete fence project. Whether you are a commercial property developer, a public works entity, general contractor, or a homeowner, and if you are in Waco, we are here to help!


Architects & Engineers

Architects and engineers are professions that are integral to the growing development of Houston. Hilltop is proud to say that we work closely with architects and engineers to design precast concrete fence systems in Houston that incorporate the surrounding elements of a property in a way that highlights the beauty of their projects.



Continuous real estate development plays a huge role in making the growth of the Houston area successful. At Hilltop Concrete, we work hand-in-hand with developers to craft project-specific fencing solutions for them and support the growth of Houston's diverse developments.


General Contractors 

We know our way around busy construction sites and we understand the unique challenges that can arise on a construction site. Through our professionalism, time management, and quality installation, we’ve built trust and confidence with our Houston-based general contractors and proven that we can meet their demanding standards.


Public Works

With over 20 years of experience with publicly funded projects, we have successfully constructed a number of precast concrete fences in Houston that have been used as highway sound barriers, security walls, and beautiful streetscape fencing.


Utility Companies

Utility companies all around the Houston area have strict standards when it comes to securing their facilities. Our precast concrete fencing systems are designed to exceed the safety standards that our customers demand while providing additional benefits such as noise reduction that other fencing options cannot provide.



At Hilltop Concrete, our team specializes in providing our Houston homeowners and local HOA representatives a variety of precast fencing options that elevate the ambiance of their property while providing a durable and trusted product that will not warp, rot, fade or require costly maintenance. We strive to provide our customers with the quality and peace of mind they desire and deserve.

We are not just another concrete fence company. reach out to us today to see how we can help you with your next precast fence project.  

From start to finish, our team of experts is available to help you with all of your precast concrete fencing needs in the Waco area. Hilltop Concrete is headquartered in East Texas with projects located throughout Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, Houston, Waco, and San Antonio areas. Reach out to us today at hello@hilltopconcreteco.com or by phone at 903-630-5465 to learn more about our precast fence products and how we can become your trusted concrete fence contractor in Waco!

Customer Service

We are the top rated concrete fence company on the market today!

Product Quality

Each component of our precast fence systems are precision manufactured with a 5,000 PSI compression strength. 


We handle everything from pre-construction drawings and specifications to product manuals and warranties. 

Full-Turnkey Service

We provide a complete full-turnkey concrete fence installation service to all our customers. 

Experience matters! let us show you what 22+ years in the concrete fence industry can do!


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