Decorative Concrete Fencing: Why It Is the Best Curbside Fixer

The mistake that many builders make is not considering the curbside appeal of their project or development from the start. The first thing that homeowners see when they are out looking to buy a home is the gate and curbside appeal of a development. To make sure that your finished project looks complete and that it flows together beautifully, make decorative concrete fencing a part of the plan from the start.

What Is Decorative Concrete Fencing?

Decorative concrete fencing is fencing that is made from concrete, but there is nothing about it that looks like regular concrete. The beauty of decorative concrete fencing is that although it has the durability, strength, and maintenance-free features that come with concrete fencing, you can order it to look like another material. You can also add textures to make it more exciting and luxurious. Decorative concrete fencing can look like other materials such as stacked brick, which is much more decorative than just a plain fence.

The Advantages of Decorative Concrete Fencing

Decorative concrete fencing is also a great way to add security to your project or development, without making it look uninviting. The heaviness of it tells trespassers to stay out, but because of its aesthetic appeal, it is also warm and inviting for residents. For developments that are gated, a decorative concrete fence makes it look much softer, but it provides homeowners with a safe feeling that you don’t get from other, less sturdy, fencing material. Concrete fencing is also a great way to reduce grading issues. Since it is impervious to moisture and solid, it can stop erosion problems if you have any grading issues, without the need to build additional retaining walls.

Easy to Install and Maintenance-Free

Unlike fencing made of other materials, a decorative concrete fence is an investment for the future. As a builder, you need not worry that in five years you are going to get a call from the homeowners' association that something is wrong. It is also a maintenance-free material, so it won’t look old or faded after time passes. Also, since the concrete is precast, installation is simple and fast.

If you are in the planning phase of construction, make sure to take some time to consider fencing. The fence should be a major part of the overall plan for aesthetic and building purposes. Decorative concrete fencing is easy to install, maintenance-free, great for security, and withstands the test of time. Visit Hilltop Concrete to see the different decorative concrete fencing options today.