The Advantages of a Concrete Rail Fence

There are many details to consider when you are building a large scale project or development. Although it might seem like just a final touch, the type of fencing that you choose should be one of the very first points of planning your development. It is the first thing that people will see when they enter into your community, so making sure that it fits the style and character you want to convey is integral to your overall plan. A concrete rail fence is not an afterthought. Instead, it is a definition of the aesthetic look of your project as a whole.

What Is a Concrete Rail Fence?

A concrete rail fence has the same look and aesthetics as a regular rail fence, but it has many advantages over traditional wood rail fences. It is made from concrete, so it is much sturdier than wood. A concrete rail fence is a precast fence that requires very little maintenance. Although it has the look of wood, it provides you with a lot more staying power and is more impervious to the elements. That means that you don’t have to repaint it, replace the pickets, or worry about it holding up to whatever the outdoors can throw at it.

Types of Projects That Benefit From a Concrete Rail Fence

A concrete rail fence is an excellent alternative to wood for things like municipal parks, pathways and streetscapes, and anywhere else where you want to maintain the open look of a community, while at the same time setting boundaries. It is the perfect way to create an expansive feel while marking a boundary for trespassers. It has a softer look than other concrete fence styles but provides the same message and security.

They Can Also be Customized

The beauty of a concrete rail fence system is that you can completely customize it to look the way that you want. They are constructed from molds that follow different configurations and have varying mitered posts, so you get the look of wood with the custom feel that you are looking for. Unlike wood, you don’t have to worry about replacing the boards as they chip or fade because they are concrete. The fence, once constructed, needs no maintenance and stays looking like new long after it’s installed.

A concrete rail fence is an excellent choice for your development or project. It provides the same open look of a wooden fence with the low maintenance and durability of concrete. If you are looking to invest in a fence that will pay for itself in the long-term, then a concrete rail fence is for you. Check out all the different styles and options at Hilltop Concrete today!