Not all concrete is create equal

No matter where you look, concrete is easily one of the most extensively used construction materials in today’s world. In fact, concrete has long been a highly used construction material, dating back to the Ancient Romans. Concrete is used in buildings, bridges, roads, sidewalks, landscaping, fencing - the list can go on and on! Here at Hilltop, we use concrete to form our precast concrete fence systems.

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Chris MillerHilltop Concrete
Precast Fence vs Traditional Masonry

Masonry walls are a popular choice for many outdoor wall projects, however, precast concrete walls are a very attractive design option that can be utilized for any project. Hilltop’s precast fence systems are the perfect way to replicate the beauty that traditional masonry provides but with superior benefits! But what advantages does precast offer over a traditional masonry wall? Hilltop Concrete is here to share the top advantages of our precast systems.

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